Meyer Burger Black 375 – 375 Wp (FB)

Premium segment panels, designed in Switzerland, manufactured in Germany.

Up to 20% greater energy yield - even in low light - in the morning, evening or when cloudy.

Production of solar cells and modules according to the best standards, carried out exclusively in Germany.

The patented SmartWire technology ensures maximum module resistance and power.

  • Dimensions[mm]: 1767 x 1041 x 35
  • Weight[kg]: 19,7
  • Front cover: Solar glass, 3.2 mm, with anti-reflective coating
  • Back cover: High barrier design, black
  • Frame: black anodized aluminum
  • Solar cell type: Module with 120 n-Si monocrystalline half cells, HJT heterojunction cells
  • Connection socket: 3 diodes, protection class IP68 according to IEC 62790
  • Cell amount: 120
  • Manufacturer warranty: 25 years