Photovoltaics for a farmer, how to reduce the costs of running a farm

Rachunek za energię to niejednokrotnie 1/3 kosztów prowadzenia gospodarstwa. Dużo, prawda? Do tego stałe podwyżki za energię elektryczną, na które nie mamy wpływu. A co jeśli zagwarantujemy Ci, że można znacząco obniżyć koszty i przestać się bać tych znaczących wzrostów cen?

See the pros of photovoltaics

Reduce the costs of running your farm
You will stop stressing about the rising energy prices
You will become independent from electricity suppliers
You will have individually tailored financing and tax reductions
You will feel the return of investment even in 5 years
You will have a safe, malfunction-free and maintenance-free small photovoltaic farm

Photovoltaics for a farmer - how does it work?

In simple terms, a photovoltaic installation is your small solar power plant. It generates electricity that you can immediately use for your current needs. Depending on the tariff (G or C), you can sell the surplus energy you produce back to the utility company, and the money for your electricity will be credited to a special account to offset your future electricity bills. If you want to learn more about how prosumer settlement works, please contact us.

Where can I install photovoltaic panels?

Our specialists have 25 years of experience, thanks to which they know perfectly how to install photovoltaics, without damaging your roofs and how to avoid exposing homeowners to the loss of building warranties.
The construction of photovoltaic panels is individually tailored to each farm.

Safe and comfortable photovoltaic installation for a farmer

Our photovoltaic installations practically require no maintenance and are known for their long-term reliability. We use only top-quality components from leading manufacturers. Unlike many, we provide additional grounding for photovoltaic installations, further enhancing your safety.

We prioritize user convenience, which is why the inverters we install immediately show you how much energy you have fed back into the grid and how much you have saved. But that's not all. We also take care of the paperwork with the Energy Utility. We handle the registration of your photovoltaic installation with the energy operator, so you don't have to worry about a stack of paperwork.

Photovoltaics. Is it expensive?

We follow an individual approach to the needs of each customer. Every home, every household, and every business consumes a different amount of energy and has different requirements. That's why we always offer a free pre-installation consultation.
Our specialists will explain the installation process step by step, clarify procedures, and precisely calculate the energy requirements. Based on this assessment, they will recommend suitable components that will create your own home photovoltaic power plant.

See what tax breaks you can take advantage of.

You can take advantage of various opportunities to reduce investment costs. If necessary, we provide optimal financing tailored to individual needs. We can assist in obtaining a subsidy that will significantly offset the costs of installing photovoltaic panels in your household.

Agricultural tax relief: 25% discount on photovoltaic installation

If you are a farmer or landowner with agricultural land (and pay agricultural tax on the land), you can deduct 25% of the investment value in the photovoltaic installation from your agricultural tax (Article 13 of the 2017 Agricultural Tax Act, Journal of Laws 2016, item 617).

As a farmer or livestock breeder, you can deduct 25% of the costs incurred for the reconstruction and modernization of buildings, including the installation of photovoltaic systems. Additionally, if you are a VAT-registered farmer, you can deduct the entire VAT (which is 23% in total).

The tax relief is granted only after the completion of the investment. It is granted if the expenses were not financed by grants, preferential loans, subsidies, or other public funds. It is awarded based on submitted invoices for incurred investment costs.

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